Saturday, January 12, 2013

They Didn't Make The Cut

Somewhere in the middle of last year I put my camera down.
I'm not sure why?
I really enjoyed the ease of using my iPhone and editing with Instagram.
But when I tried to create a collage for our 2012 year,
I realized I wanted my pictures to be more than just a series of instagram moments.

I missed photography.

So on Jan 1st on the sly, I started a picture a day series on 
Bungalow'56's facebook page.
The collage above is made up of my choices.
If you want to see the daily pictures as I take them you can find it by clicking HERE.
I've also started downloading them to my Photography link up above.

The most frustrating and hardest part about doing this kind of series, 
is deciding which pictures to choose.
Some days it's a no brainer.
Other days I don't have anything I want to show you.
And then on others still, I have more than just one.

Then I realized that since this is my blog and this is my own 365 project, 
I can make the rules.
I'm the rule maker.
I'm the big cheese!
I'm da boss!
What was I talking about?

I've decided to share the ones that didn't make the cut.
I wanted to include all of these on the project but couldn't because, well...
It's called "A Picture A Day"  not  "Several Hundred Pictures A Day."
or "She Couldn't Make Up Her Mind So You Pick A Picture A Day."
You get the picture.
I'm cheating with this one, it was before Jan 1st.
But then again I make the rules.


"Learning To Skate"

"In The Passenger Seat"



"Look up, look waaay up"




"A Long Haul"

"Cookies For Class"

I feel much better, like everything is right with the world.
These pictures are my babies.
And as they say on "Lelo and Stitch"
Ohana means family.  
And that means...
No one gets left behind or forgotten.


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  1. I see what you mean. I would have had a hard time choosing from all your beautiful shots. And I love the snow and winter wonderland feel. It's been in the 70's around here the past few days. Of course, I had just packed all my summer things in the attic last week...

  2. Lecture here, Dana: Don't ever put your camera down again. You far too talented to abandon your camera. Alright then. Onward.

  3. Love, love, love the tobagganing picture! Great capture of the fun. I have been totally out of it with pictures in the last year too. I really need to take a course in how to work my big girl camera.

    On a sidenote, my son has been assigned to working as a medic on a pipeline up your way for his next shift. You may just be passing him in a grocery store or restaurant. He's the tall, handsome one. ;v)

  4. If these are the ones that didn't make the cut, I need to check out the rest of 'em!


  5. I love this! Your didn't make the cut shots are beautiful. If you start the "several hundred pictures a day" project count me in! :)

  6. Dana - you inspire me so. hope winter is treating you well. much love,


  7. Dana, I've been quietly following your blog for some time (actually, it was the infamous ghost cookie that hooked me). Love your sense of humor and mama's heart. I too am coming back to photography (and blogging) after an extended life interruption. Looking forward to seeing more of your work again.


  8. Fantastic shots, Dana. Keep up the great work.

  9. you girls are so beautiful!!
    have a happy day dana


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